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The Oil Seed Extension Coordination Concept

The Government of Malawi identified oil seed crops as a key area for potential growth in the National Export Strategy (NES). In view of this a Technical Working Group (TWG) was established in the country to identify ways of promoting the production and marketing of oil seed crops. The Technical Working Group was further sub-divided into various Task Teams (TT) in order to speed up the activities. One of the Task Teams is looking at Extension Services for Oil Seed Crops. Therefore, as part of our efforts to drive forward the oil seeds component of the NES we would like to ensure there is extension coverage for the four main oil seed crops (Cotton, Groundnut, Soya and Sunflower) right across the country. In addition, we would also like to ensure that there is harmonized and adequate information going to the farmers on all stages of production and marketing processes. For this reason the Oil Seed Extension Coordination Platform has been set up.

The platform shows who is working where, and on what aspects of oil seed crop production, storage and marketing. The platform also enables organisations and projects to share extension materials they have produced by putting them on the "dashboard". If a project has an interesting new technology or piece of information advice for farmers it will be easier to disseminate as contact information on who is working on which aspects of various crops will now be available. The platform will take time to be fully "populated" with information on the majority of players working on Oil Seed extension, but once a good amount of information has been loaded (and is updated) it will be a valuable resource for improving the delivery of extension to farmers in Malawi.

The Oil Seed Extension Coordination Platform is managed by the Legume Development Trust on behalf of the Oil Seed Products Technical Working Group.

If you are working on extension concerning Oil Seed crops please contact the Legume Development Trust and they will add your information to this platform.

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